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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Our main goal in life is to travel and see the world and what better way to do it than to earn while roaming around providing our service all across the globe.

What do you do for work?

I hear this question many many times. I’m a Travel Videographer & Photographer I respond. What does a travel videographer/ photographer do? Travel the world and get paid for producing content. Sounds like the living the dream. In many ways it is. I’ve roamed abroad as a Travel Videographer through a variety of Freelance work and Online Revenue Streams for the past 4 years. Being able to produce Videos from anywhere and get paid in a strong currency like the US Dollar from anywhere offers the benefit of time and location freedom. The Travel videographer lifestyle is about living in a different destinations, trying different foods, making new friends abroad, enjoying local benefits, learning a new language, building a business, building your own schedule, and of course creating amazing Videos.

How do you become a Travel Videographer?

Well you need to learn video. Where do you start? Do you need to go and spend a lot of money and go to a film school? I didn’t and I don’t recommend it. It’s too slow and the curriculums can’t keep up with the pace of technology. I recommend starting with Youtube, Vimeo Video School, or Online Schools like Skillshare or Udemy. I already spent a good amount of my life and money in doing my dentistry. yes i am a Doctor. I self-taught myself video Online and then later on I started attending photography and Videography workshops. I then travelled to Asia and practiced and shot a lot of Video and posted to Youtube. I made mistakes and experimented. Whichever method you choose practice and shoot a lot. Get feedback and give adapting your setup. I’ve also got a collection of online

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