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Portable Gear for Travel Videography

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

When i mean portable by no means i mean light weight gear. You need to consolidate your gear to take only what necessary and will help you produce great quality content. Lets look at how you can achieve that.

How much is too much?

I would say your flight luggage maximum weight is how much you can carry really. But when you want to provide great travel shoots you must have your lighting and cameras and lenses at your disposal. if you are looking a for light weight carry in the backpack thing then this post is not for you.

Plan Your Shots

Planning your shoots will determine what gear you would need. Lets say if we have to go shoot for a resort somewhere and they want videos and pictures too. then i would take these things with me.

  • My 2 cameras Sony a7iii

  • Lenses 90mm G master macro, 50mm Zeiss, 30mm Rokinon, 14mm Wide

  • my Zhiyun crane 2 gimbal

  • 2x Godox 250w video lights.

  • 1x tripod Manfrotto

  • some basic prop which would be pre-decided like spoons napkins etc.

by no means is this light or easy to carry but this is a portable pro gear setup for travel. i usually travel with my husband who also gets the extra 15kgs so great that makes 30kg we can travel with + luggage

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