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Zermatt, Switzerland




A Mumbai based photographer Akshada Gupta who likes to create mouth-watering pictures every single time. About 3 years ago, amidst running her dental clinic, she found a passion for food photography which is surprising as she had never picked up a camera before. And became obsessed with learning everything she could about the technical side of photography. As a result, her work kept improving and she started working with major brands and restaurants as a freelancer. She kept practicing and became one of the most sought after creative connoisseur, food stylist, and product & food photographer in Mumbai.

Akshada & Ashish have been married for 4 years now. they met on Facebook, i know it sounds cheesy but that is how it happened. They even have matching tattoos. but their personalities are worlds apart She salt and Ashish is Pepper and together they provide the perfect seasoning. They love to travel so much that they take up projects anywhere they go. They make sure our trip is planned around cuisine. They are always described as being super chilled and it’s this calm approach that allows them to capture some stunning photos.

Akshada is the creative brains whereas Ashish is the Technical know how guy. She takes care of all the design aspects of photography and they way the food looks the way it does in her photographs. Ashish on the other hand is well versed with video editing and videography. Video and technical know how come naturally to him and does it purely out of passion.

They realized the market lack quality in the mid priced photography and videography world. so they decided to team up and bridge this gap. i f you see their pricing it is very reasonable and match quality of major professional and seasoned veterans in the field of photography.

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Based in Mumbai, India

Tel: +918657438409 - Akshada
Tel: +919920112925 - Ashish

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